Ranger Ben “Benny”

Name: Ranger Ben "Benny"

Date of Passing: 08/07/2023

Message to Benny: All together, below

Tell us about Benny: Molly wrote a nice memorial.

A few more things...

Benny was incredibly sweet and loving. He never played rough with his brother. He was just too gentle for that. There was always total peace and cuddles, 24/7 around the house b/c of Benny.

Benny was a huge talker and made adorable little noises as he looked up at me. This increased during the pandemic when I began talking out loud a lot more. Benny replied every time and I swear we had entire conversations. He saved me more than a few times from going nuts and always kept me from feeling alone. I wasn't after all.

As soon as I had my coffee ready each morning and sat down in our favorite chair, Benny jumped up to joined me for lap time. I miss that so much. He also was my bathroom buddy, LOL, following me in every time. It's odd how the bathroom in particular now feels lonely.

Rest in peace my beautiful boy. I'll love you forever. Your Momma.