Name: Quizzie

Date of Passing: 08/13/2022

Message to Quizzie: Quizzie (short for Quizno, she was born at a Quiznos Restaurant with a litter) was a wonderful, loving cat, and very sweet and patient. She would fall asleep when we were cutting her claws! We have had many cats and none of them would do that. She would come into our bedroom at night and jump on the bed, then paw me until I turned over to give her some loving. This happened several times a night! She would love to have her belly rubbed and would purr very loudly. When she would do something wrong, like claw the carpeting, when we would yell at her to stop, she would roll over on her back as if to say, "look how cute I am!" 14 years was not enough time for us, we miss her greatly and will never forget her.

Tell us about Quizzie: She was born at a Quiznos restaurant in Florida. A family friend adopted her in Florida and brought her back to Illinois. She asked us to take her "temporarily" while she looked for a new home. She was staying with her parents and they had two large breed dogs, and since Quizzie was only about 6 months old, she was worried the dogs may get too rough with her. After about 1-2 months, we started to get attached to her and told her we needed a decision from her as to Quizzie's future. She asked us to adopt her and we were more than happy to do so. It was the best decision we ever made!