Name: Powell

Date of Passing: 06/12/2024

Message to Powell: You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye. Powell adopted us just a week after we moved in together, and filled the last seven years of our lives with love and happiness (and toothy smiles), and nothing could ever fill the void left by our little Moosey Jon Belushi, our bubba, our Pablo, our chocolate moose, and hearing his little moos from the other room. Our favorite memories are with you... snuggling us on the couch, wrestling with your brother or sitting by the screen door listening to nature and watching the birds. Mommy and Daddy will miss you so much, Moosey. We promise to take care of your brother and sister just like you would want us to. We love you, son.

Tell us about Powell: We went to a rescue in Boston to look for a cat shortly after we moved in together, but it was closed. When we went to another rescue, there was a cat that was very vocally insisting we come over and say hi. He was silly and affectionate. He chose us. From that moment, it was decided that he would come home with us. Powell was already around a year old when he came home. We kept his name because we loved Powell's City of Books in Oregon. Plus, he was always saying his name, like a Pokemon. How could we not keep it? Powell was always very affectionate and loved to cuddle. And he was such a good eater. What a hungry boy! He absolutely loved Italian sauce (especially with spaghetti). He would say "yum yum" after eating something very tasty. I'll never forget that! Powell was the most intelligent, silliest little dude and we will never be the same without him.