Name: Phoebe

Date of Passing: 1/15/2024

Message to Phoebe: Phoebe. Phoebe Bo-loebe. Leebers. Phoebe McPhoeberson. Wiggle Waggles. Monkey. Bunny. She was all those things and so much more. Goofy and expressive. Snuggly and happy. She had these beautiful clown-like markings around her eyes. She *talked* to us if we were eating anything she was remotely interested in - stomp her feet and nudge us with her nose and paws….and that NOSE! Big, black, beautiful boop of a nose. We will SO miss hugging her forehead-to-forehead and kissing that big, wet, soft snout. She was truly a gift and most loving companion. If ever off-leash, she would never run too far without checking back in to make sure we were ok and gave permission to continue playing. I feel her doing that now that she is gone - she is checking in to tell us she’s having fun and asking to keep going. It hurts so much to let her go. Forever and ever and ever in our hearts, sweet girl. xoxo

Tell us about Phoebe: Phoebe was a rescue from Michigan. We had just lost our shepherd mix 2 weeks earlier and couldn’t stand being in the house without a dog. The kids were young and we knew we wanted to raise them with the joyful experience of loving a pet. We saw her picture on a website and fell in love - “great dane mix” it said. Boy, were they wrong. She was a dalmatian/coonhound mix. White with black spots and brown around the eyes. She was 3.5 months old, beautiful, and we were over the moon to find out she would be ours. Drove up to a farm in Michigan on Columbus Day and picked her up. She was sprinting with another dog all around the property, then LITERALLY ran into the kids and knocked them over. So many waggles and kisses. I bent over to cradle her up like and baby and she licked my face. We were smitten. Phoebe loved MEAT and anytime my husband grilled. She loved long, long walks to the lake and all around the neighborhood. She loved sleeping in the sunshine, especially on our kitchen table and trampoline. She loved shoulder scratches, back scritches, belly rubs, and forehead hugs. She, especially, loved her people - Lina, Matt, Simas, Svaja, and Mikas. Her love was equal, uncomplicated, and pure. We will miss her always.