Name: Penny

Date of Passing: 11/25/23

Message to Penny: Our dear, sweet Penny was really special, the most loving cat we’ve ever had. (And we’ve had a lot.) She was also a drama queen and a chatterbox, meowing (a.k.a. “barking”) at us all the time to make her presence known and demand some love. She liked people better than all the many cats we’ve had over the years. We’ll miss all the ways she was part of our everyday routine. She recognized the sound of the coffeemaker brewing and would come out and stand in the kitchen with us. She loved that Will is not a morning person, and would wait for him to wake up every morning and climb on his chest while he was still lying in bed. She was demanding. She would “bark” when she wanted us to turn the bathroom sink on so she could get a drink from the faucet. Despite all that beautiful fur, she was horrible at grooming herself. She always made us laugh - in recent years she would lay on her back with her ample belly on display and legs sticking up in the air. She always wanted human connection. If she was sitting on the couch next to me, one paw was always extended touching me.

Tell us about Penny: We found Penny and her brother Ralph in our yard in August 2008 - their mom was a familiar feral - and didn’t plan to keep them because we already had so many cats at the time. But as pets always do, they found a home in our hearts and we caved. We are so grateful that at least this happened when both of the kids were home and able to say goodbye. We’ll all miss her terribly. 💕🐾🐈