Name: Peki

Date of Passing: 01/17/2024

Message to Peki: Pechi, as we affectionately called her, came to my rescue the day after Christmas in 2013 in Mexico City. Who rescued whom? :). Pechi bebé, you entered my life with fears and insecurities from the mistreatment and abandonment you suffered. But gradually, you learned to trust and heal your wounded soul, becoming my loyal protector. More than me being your human parent, it feels like you were mine. I doubt I'll ever find a furry friend as intelligent and wise as you. You brought light to our family; we miss you, and I'll love you forever.

Tell us about Peki: She came into my life in 2013. I adopted her from an animal shelter in Mexico City; she had been mistreated and neglected, distrusting, but managed to heal and became a beloved and spoiled little dog. She was a disciplinarian, always "supervising" everything and everyone, keeping us in line, and serving as a peace maker. We went through so much together, and she understood me completely, always reading me from top to bottom, knowing what I felt and being there for me; she was my soulmate. Pechinita, other of her many nicknames, was incredible brave, she got through every possible and scary thing when it came to vaccines, surgery teeth cleaning etc. her completely trust to me that I would do the correct for her wellbeing amazed me. She loved food, knew what was good in life – eating – and didn't waste time on trivialities, very practical and incredibly intelligent. One of her pastimes was chasing, almost stalking, squirrels or birds. She fought to stay with me till the end, even though when she couldn’t do it anymore and I knew it was my call to help her go in peace. We miss her with all our hearts, letting her go is the most hard decision I had to make. Love her forever.