Name: Peanut

Date of Passing: 09/06/2023

Message to Peanut: Sweet Peanut, you were the goodest girl. You will be forever loved and forever missed.

Tell us about Peanut: I picked puppy Peanut up from Lamb's Farm in the summer of 2007. We named her Dr. Peanut von Shaggleswüff, in honor of her German heritage as a mini schnauzer. She loved belly rubs, scrambled eggs, playing fetch, finding sticks, being chased, and doing party tricks (for which she required payment in cheese). I’d like to say that Peanut loved everyone, but that wasn’t true. She was discerning when it came to strangers, especially in her later years when she took her job as guard dog and protector of the home very seriously. You did good, old girl. Now you can rest.

Dr. Peanut von Shaggleswüff
June 1, 2007 - September 6, 2023