Name: Parker

Date of Passing: 04/17/2024

Message to Parker: My sweet Parker (aka Parks) I don’t know what to say. My life changed for the better in so many ways the day I brought you home. And then it changed again for the worse the day you died. You brought so much love and life to me and to your fur brothers. My heart and my house are empty.

Tell us about Parker: Parker came to me as a rescue from an accidental litter. I went to look at the puppies (who were 8-9 months old by that point) and spotted a cute little tri color boy that I wanted. Then, I saw this silly little guy with a snaggle tooth force his 6-7lbs way under the man’s arm and lean against him for cuddles… I knew instantly that was the baby for me. Parker grew to a chonky 9lbs and got even more demanding when it came time to snuggle. If I didn’t pet him enough, he’d force his head under my hand. Or, pull my hand to him with his paw. Parker got his name because my first dog was Petey. And together, they were spider man. His favorite thing was cheese…and me. I miss him so terribly.