Name: Oscar

Date of Passing: 05/27/2023

Message to Oscar: I will always carry Oscar's memory in my heart. He was my best friend, my best playmate, and the best listener I've ever had. He was truly perfect to me and will never be forgotten. We gave Oscar 10 wonderful years of love and affection, which was easy to do. In return, he gave us so much more. He gave us the dream of having one of the most wonderful dogs one could imagine loving. Now, every so often I glance over and think I see him sitting there, waiting for me to praise and pet him. I know he is still with us. It will take time to get used to him not being there to greet us when we get home. My heart is aching, but I will push on because that's what Oscar did when he got sick. He never fussed when I had to give him his treatments. He was brave and patient and because of that I got to love him just a little bit longer. Oscar, Mommy will hold you in my heart forever. I love You Oscar.

Tell us about Oscar: I saw a picture of a puppy on Pet Finder with the name of Moose.He was adorable and beautiful. He was all by himself and I didn't know his history.I loved him from the moment I saw his picture. I thought he might not be adopted anytime soon because he. looked like he was gonna be a big boy. Well, he was a big boy, about 80 pounds. But, he was 80 pounds of pure love, loyalty, and and joy. We renamed him Oscar because his sister's name was Emmy and we thought the pair would make a cute brother and sister team. We were right! Emmy "taught him the ropes" and he was a quick learner. He loved to play fetch with his ball, playing tug-of-war with his Snakey toy but most of all he loved getting treats.