Name: Oscar

Date of Passing: March 2024

Message to Oscar: My Oscar, I miss you following me around the house. I could not be too long in a room, you would come looking for me, and when I’m in the kitchen you poke your head and lay there and watch me cook or what ever I was doing in the kitchen, you knew I was going to be there for awhile.

How I would trip over your toys and hit one of your balls or move your ducky that bounces and quacks how much you loved stalking and pouncing it.

You made me laugh as you filled my heart with joy.

I miss talking to you, I know you understood me how you sat there just looking at me. I always told you every day and every time I just walked by you I would walk up to you; cup your face with my hands say to you.

“You know mama loves you, mama knows how much you love her; I kiss your nose. You never pulled away. ❤️ I miss you buddy! Papa misses you terribly, he adored you! we won’t tell him you loved me more.

You left paw prints in every room of your home.

Your beautiful face engraved in my heart. Your mommy.