Name: Odie

Date of Passing: 01/18/2024

Message to Odie: For my sweet baby boy, my wiggle butt, my little man. Odie was a little guy but my heart and my home feels so empty without him here. I miss his floppy ears, I miss his stinky breath when he gave me kisses, I miss how he tricked me into taking naps by laying on my chest, and I miss how he snored when cuddled up on me and felt so safe that he could sleep that hard. I hope he can be happy in heaven with all his siblings, but what I wouldn’t give for more time to love him. My little Odiesao.

Tell us about Odie: Odie adopted me in 2014, when my heart needed his love most. I had just lost one of my dogs to a sudden illness at only 8 years old, a Beagle named Buster. I knew Buster would want me to have someone take his place to keep his bed and my heart full. I saw Odie at an adoption center, in the same room as a dog who was blind. He was so cute, but I didn’t want to rush anything. So I said if I go back in two days and he is still there then it was meant to be. When I went back, the blind dog had been adopted but Odie was still there! So of course he came home with me. Because of Buster’s sudden illness, I had called and asked every shelter and organization for help. When this shelter knew I was adopting Odie because Buster didn’t make it, they waived the adoption fees in Buster’s honor. Odie and I both knew we were lucky to find each other, and he spent ten years showing me unconditional love because he knew Buster would want that. I hope Buster and Odie find each other in heaven so they can finally meet. I hope to see them together in my dreams soon.