Name: Nova

Date of Passing: 05/22/2023

Message to Nova: Nova was the goodest girl and the best friend any person could ask for. She came to us as a tiny pup and has been by our side through all of the ups and downs of life. Nova never met a person she didn’t like and knew exactly how to brighten up your day jusy by wagging her little tail.

Tell us about Nova: Nova was adopted from a humane society in Eaton Ohio in 2010 when she was just 9 weeks old. Initially, we had reserved her brother but when we arrived at the shelter they introduced us to a third puppy, Nova! She crawled right up in my lap and wanted to snuggle while her brothers tugged on my shoe laces and ran around. I always joke that she chose me. She has been the best friend, snuggle buddy, big sister (to both fur and human babies) and companion that anyone could ever ask for in her 13 years of life. She had a little brother, Bourbon (golden retriever) who she helped raise and teach him all the fun dog things and also had 3 cat siblings. She also had a human baby brother who she adored, and the feeling was mutual. She was patient and so very gentle since the day he was born. She loved rolling in the grass, chasing squirrels, snuggling with her humans, ice cream - really just any food, wrestling with her brother (Bourbon) and playing with her favorite ball (licky ball). Nova will be missed greatly and has left paw prints on our heart for an eternity.