Name: Nemo

Date of Passing: 06/28/2024

Message to Nemo: Nemo lived for 20 years with me and was a big part of our family. My kids grew up with him and he loved them so much. How great it was to love on you my sweet boy. You are so missed already. Rest easy my old man.

Tell us about Nemo: Nemo was adopted at an animal shelter when he was a kitten. My daughter at the time was about 2 years old and loved the movie finding Nemo. So, that’s how our boy got his name. One thing we will always remember about nemo was his love for cheese. Anything cheese, he was in your face wanting a taste. He knew the sound of a bag of chips opening, wondering, “is it cheese flavored?” My brother joked saying he was obsessed with me but I think being with him for 20years, I was his comfort and his home. 💙