Name: Nahla

Date of Passing: 04/20/2024

Message to Nahla: To our sweet, sweet Nahla. Our best friend, our morning smiles, our tender snuggles and our mama dog to our pack. You have given us more love and happiness than we could ever ask for in our lives. Our memories of you will last an eternity and your spirit lives on in our hears, our home and everywhere I look. And for all the lives you touched with that adorable smile, deep brown sweet eyes and your tender nudge you will be missed everywhere. I love you baby. May every dog owner have a Nahla once, she is the sweetest most irreplaceable dog, companion, friend and love of my life. Thank you to A Gentle Goodbye for taking the very best most compassionate care of our baby during her passing, the care and genuine emotions the team had, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Sam were incredible and Nahla was passed over with dignity, fragile tenderness in a way although through a blanket of tears I was sure she was at peace in the most gentle way. Thank you so very very much from Nahla and our family.

Tell us about Nahla: Nahla came to us through a rescue service I volunteered for. Close to midnight I received a message from the founder of ALIVE Rescue that 3 5 month old puppies were going to be euthanized since they were there for too long if she did not rescue..." do you have a crate for the night?" she asked. Of course I did. She came to us matted in feces, all ribs, could not get up on her back legs due to atrophy and rickets but the love in her eyes had us hooked immediately. With warm showers and vitamins and love we never let her go and she never forgot. Years and years (14) of companionship and sweet loyalty she never asked much, only that we were happy and that we were all together as much as possible: our pack. She was our leader and mama dog to the dogs and to us. Her nickname was Gooey, why, her gooey love, her gooey nudges and personality. Her favorite things were tugging with the dogs, sitting outside in the sun and just being with us watching movies and snuggling in the bed. I still feel her at my feet at night, I know she is there watching over us.