Mr. Peanut Butter

Name: Mr. Peanut Butter

Date of Passing: 05/08/2023

Message to Dr. Peanut Butter: PB, thank you for sharing the last seven years with us. You taught us that every dog deserves love regardless of how challenging they can be. You will always be missed, and your spirit will live on in the hearts of everyone that met you and got to see your feistiness. Sweet dreams little one, mommy and daddy love you very much.

Tell us about Dr. Peanut Butter: Mr. Peanut Butter came to us from Save a Pet in Grayslake, IL on June 20th, 2016. His original name was Lil Popeye but we changed it to Mr. Peanut Butter after watching a TV show with a Golden Retriever with similar coloring. We felt that the name somehow suited him, even if the dog in the show and PB turned out to have vastly different personalities.

PB's attitude during his first days with us were very different than the rest of his time with us. He was very timid and would follow me around everywhere I went - even the bathroom! He never barked and was so tiny that we almost forgot we had a dog; however, he immediately loved his new backyard. My first clue that he was getting comfortable in his new home was when we caught him rolling in the grass and staring at the sun, almost as if he was saying "I've got it made!" Within a few short weeks, that shy and quiet demeanor drastically changed: he began barking at everything and everyone! A lot. He was feisty. He was larger than life. Instead of me, he began following my husband around and thus began his long-standing adoration for his "papa." Although his antics brought us tremendous amounts of entertainment, we noticed that his territoriality was the result of fear. In an effort to make him less afraid, we began taking him to 1:1 obedience training and socialization classes, which he attended for 3 years. We tried taking him to many different places with us; but in the end, he made it clear where he was happiest: at home - with his dad - sitting on the couch.

So it was that when we eventually made the choice of getting a new pet, we brought him along to "pick" his new sister. His bond with Princess Peach was instant. Where with other dogs he would show signs of aggression, with her he showed nothing but curiosity and patience. He loved nothing more than running straight at her, taunting her into playing with him, then running away and pretending like he hadn't done anything. He loved sunning himself in our backyard. He loved going on the boat with his grandparents. He loved seeing his groomer, Sam, one of the only people he allowed to touch him. And most of all, he loved his sister, my husband, and I.

He will forever be missed and loved. Thank you for all the years you shared with us PB.