Name: Momo

Date of Passing: 06/27/2022

Message to Momo: 12/24/2017 - 06/27/2022 You have left many paw holes in our hearts. Thank you for being such an amazing daughter and sister. You will be deeply missed.

Tell us about Momo: When I first went to the breeder, she let out over 10 corgis. All the dogs ran straight past me except Momo. She ran straight to me and jumped on top, I said that's strange... Then she ended up being the last one available. I decided to adopt her and take her into our family. From that day on it's been nothing short of fun and laughter. We named her Momo as it means peach in Japanese, and her butt looks like a fat peach. She would play fetch for hours and doesn't know when to stop. When my son was born she became his guardian. 2x he fell off the couch and Momo was always sitting right there waiting for her brother to fall on top of her. She tried to protect every family member of the house when she sense something isn't right. She melted everyone's hearts with her intelligence, love, and gentleness. Her passing would be deeply missed.