Molson Prancer

Name: Molson Prancer

Date of Passing: 11/10/2022

Message to Molson Prancer: So long old friend ♥

Tell us about Molson Prancer: Molson was adopted from the Buddy Foundation in 2009. He was one of eight pups born to Tasha on Christmas Eve. Our visit there started out as a school community service project with our daughters’ school. We baked dog treats and gathered donations to drop off there. They let us visit with the pups and Prancer (his original name) fell asleep in my arms. There was no turning back. He was a keeper. We loved that the pups were named after the eight reindeer. However, after we saw the size of his paws, ‘Molson’ seemed like a more fitting name but kept Prancer as a middle name. He’s been a hunk of big love ever since. 🙂