Miss Riley

Name: Miss Riley

Date of Passing: 10/22/23

Message to Miss Riley : In loving memory of sweet Miss Riley. Go be you girl and give my love to the pack. Love you.

Tell us about Miss Riley: I happened to just stop at the shelter unexpectedly, you know how that goes, and suddenly I was deciding between three dogs who to take home. Miss Riley was thin and tiny, and looked like she had been alone for a while. I just could not leave her there. She was 2 years old and completely untrained with a lot of "little dog syndrome".

I had a newfie/lab and a shepherd at home that she thought she should boss around. It took about six months for her to turn into this sweet, loving, dog friendly, everything friendly, velcro cuddlebug. She was so sweet we trained to be a therapy dog team. What a thrill it was to see her transition and blossom into this healer with an instinct to know just what to do with each different visit. She did her therapy for just short of 12 years before we retired her this year. But more than that she just very quietly stole your heart, kept your lap warm, and was always there to bring a frown to a smile.

She took a huge part of my heart with her but she left behind so much more in life memories. She will be missed more than words can express.