Name: Minnie

Date of Passing: 06/08/2022

Message to Minnie: Minnie was the light of our family for 14.5 years. She had so much love to give us. Minnie would follow us around everywhere and just want to be close to us, which we loved. Her and Lily had an unbreakable bond and were the best of friends. We miss her dearly and the love she brought into our home. Love you forever sweet puppy. Xoxox

Tell us about Minnie: Minnie was 8 weeks old when we brought her home and my funniest memory as a puppy was taking her to Black Bear Mountain and she turned black from all the mud. She loved peanut butter, bacon treats, and bones. Going for walks was a favorite past time, chasing squirrels in the back yard and of course asking for people food. Every year Minnie would attend the doggie egg hunt and costume contest. She was so loved and always will be.