Name: Milo

Date of Passing: 03/20/2023

Message to Milo: As we adjust to life without you we are comforted by a lifetime of priceless memories with you.

Tell us about Milo: We adopted Milo from a local animal shelter where we were living in Texas. He quickly became such a big part of our family as our first pet. He had such a quirky personality and loved exploring outdoors with us. A few years later we got a second dog, Sydney, a large Catahoula Shepherd. Her energy brought out such a fun and playful side of Milo. She would lay down so they could wrestle on the same level. And they wrestled constantly for years and years. They quickly became the very best of friends. Just as much as he enjoyed the wind blowing in his face he loved coming home to nap in the sun by our back door. My kids always loved that he would scratch his face on the lower branches of our Christmas tree each year. You could often find him relaxing on the rug chewing on a bone or one of their toys they had left out. Milo has been there for every big moment of our lives, our wedding, the birth of our children, purchasing homes, traveling to the most breathtaking places, and more. He's comforted us on our worst days and celebrated with us on our best. We will never forget him.