Name: Millie

Date of Passing: 01/10/2024

Message to Millie: When my dad passed away a few weeks ago I didn’t know what to do with all the sadness. I stopped at a favorite park with millie just as the sun came out and my heart felt lighter. We walked there the day my mom passed away, too. No matter how great the loss, I felt like I could get through it with millie at my side. I wasn’t prepared for how painful it would be to navigate the loss of her on my own.

There’s something magical about my time with millie. I felt it the day I first locked eyes with this 22-lb ball of snuggly sweetness and sass. And I’m hoping I will feel it again without her.

Nature heals. Time heals. But if I’ve learned anything about loss over the past few years it is that you carry the grief with you always. You grow around it, you are changed by it but the weight of it never changes.

The first Saturday without Millie I cried all day missing our adventures and knowing that era has come to an end. But I’m grateful for the grief and the weight of the sadness that reflects the enormity of the space millie left behind.

I may not have millie at my side but I’ll carry the millie magic with me always.

Tell us about Millie: Millie’s original owner passed away and she was left behind in the house. She was almost euthanized when heartland shelter saved her. I felt so lucky to have the chance to show her how amazing life can be. You can see her adventures @mostlymodernmille.

Millie had the same name as me to start. She seemed more like a Millie and lived up to her name. When I walked into the foster mama’s home, Millie jumped up on the couch and wanted a belly rub. One look at her and I knew instantly that we were a match. According to DNA test she was 50% beagle, 12% chihuahua and 38% jack russell but to me she’s 100% perfect.

On her last day, friends stopped by to say goodbye. She made a final trek to the lake, ate a cheeseburger, got in a few barks at her neighborhood nemesis, and was surrounded by people who love her. What’s better than leaving this world knowing you are loved?