Maxwell (Max)

Name: Maxwell (Max)

Date of Passing: 06/30/2023

Message to Max: You cannot imagine how much my heart aches with your passing. I know that you will carry all the wonderful memories we had for each other these past 17 years. Carry with you our love, affection and even our little secrets, troubles and hardships when you leave us for the Rainbow Bridge. You were the only one who really saw me in my truest self. I wish I can take the pain away from you so that you may live a little longer as I have always wished that we will grow old together. But Mother Nature have her own plans for you. Soon, you will be reunited with your sister, Samantha where my consolation is you will not be alone when you get there. In pet heaven, you will always be young, vibrant and healthy. So sleep tight my little angel and we will meet again soon. I hope you will greet me on the other side when the time comes. You cannot imagine how much we love you and thank you for all the many years you have made us happy, amused, entertained and loved. Likewise, you took away my pains, my sorrows, my troubles and worries. You had been my constant companion through my journey in life. I can say that you and your sister saved me from despair when Rob and I lived separately and back when we got reunited in 2008. We have our adventures and misadventures together. As you depart, wrap my heart around yours so that you will never forget me. Till we meet again.

With love always,

Your fur daddies, Jack and Rob

Tell us about Max: The story goes when I rescued Maxwell/Max and his sister Samantha/Sam from Mississauga, Canada in 2006 when they were just 9 months old (according to the vet). A co-worker asked me if I wanted a pet when the building manager found them abandoned in a drain pipe near the garage. I found them intertwined with Max on top of his sister as if he was protecting her. I did not want to just get one of them and separate them from each other, but instead, I got them together. I immediately took them to a veterinarian near my apartment and request if they can keep them for just a couple of days until I prepared my apartment to be pet friendly. I went on a shopping frenzy to buy cat food, bedding, and cat toys to welcome their arrival. I struggled naming them for it took a week before I arrived at their given names. I searched all the cat naming books and websites that I can possibly find a suitable name for them until one day, it just popped in my mind to name them Maxwell and Samantha. Max had a beautiful tabby pattern about him in different hues of gray, yellow-brown with green eyes while his sister had a beautiful coat of black and white. Max is a typical alpha male with a run of the whole house. He is playful, adventurous and always curious getting himself in trouble all the time. Unlike most pets who hate having themselves photographed, Max is always a ready for the lens. He can be regal and comical at times.

He is patient and will allow me to hang things around his head like my eyeglasses or colorful ribbons at Christmastime. Regardless of his mischievousness, he was my sweet, loving and ever loyal baby boy. Both of them were very witty cats because they can figure out a toy easily and get bored with it. The only time they are not bored is when I sneak in a treat inside their toys or activity board. I have to be creative in finding ways to amuse them always in the internet looking for the latest and best toys for cats. I lost Samantha two years ago from a rare disease called Cushing's disease. She was 15 at that time. Now, in 2023, a week ago, Max was diagnosed with cancer of the omentum, congestive heart disease and chronic renal failure. Without a doubt, my husband and I knew that we will not want to wait for the time when Max is very sick and incapacitated. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy was not an option because of what we have experienced with his sister where we allowed the disease to linger and consume her. So without a flinch, we decided to put him to sleep. I had a full day with Max to say our goodbyes to one another. As if he knew the time was coming, he looked at me one last time in the eye to tell me that he was ready.

To my surprise, Max was ready and he passed peacefully in my arms with the help of Dr. Molly's compassionate service. It has been just three days and we still have the pain of profound loss and a deafening silence at our home. Max left a huge hole in our hearts and lives and he will be eternally loved and remembered.