Name: Max

Date of Passing: 04/18/2024

Message to Max: Max we will miss you so much. You were the most engaging and affectionate cat. I miss our special time at night when you would follow me to the bedroom and wait for me to get into bed. You would then jump onto the bed and lay down next to my head because you wanted to be rubbed and pet. I'm also going to miss the softness of your fur and cuddling with you on the sofa. The house feels so empty now that you are gone. Our next cat will have some pretty big shoes to fill. You were one of a kind-the best cat I ever had!

Tell us about Max: We adopted Max from Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter 14 years ago. He was already an adult male approximately 1 year old. My daughter and I always say that he chose us because he kept following us all over the "cat room". He even tried to exit the room with us. Decision was made-he was the one and boy did we pick the right cat. He was smart and had personality. When our dog was being trained we used bells hanging from a door to let us know when he needed to go out into the yard. After awhile Max caught onto this and started ringing the bells when he wanted to go out as well. We finally had to take the bells down because Max would ring them all the time! One day my husband discovered that Max loved his massage gun. Every time my husband would turn it on Max would come running upon hearing the vibration of the gun. My husband enjoyed this special daily routine with Max and making him happy. We believe Max was part Maine Coon because of his large frame and furry paw pads. He was such a beautiful boy! Max had a great relationship with our dog Milo. They would cuddle, chase each other in the yard and often Max would groom Milo. Max was the best companion to my only child for 14 years. Seeing my daughter say good-bye to Max was heart wrenching. He was her best friend. Max we will never forget you. Thank you for 14 years of companionship and love.