Name: Max

Date of Passing: 10/10/2023

Message to Max: Thank you so much to the entire team at A Gentle Goodbye. We are so grateful for everyone's kindness and unwavering compassion during this time.

Tell us about Max: Max was a lover - a big guy with a big heart. Anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him knew this, as he was not shy to demand pets. If the petting was not sufficient, he would cry like a baby to be held like one. The neighborhood kids would ask if they could pet the 'lion' that was sitting in the window, and he would gladly let them. He did not know the meaning of personal space, and did not understand why you couldn't just share your entire dinner with him. He had a liking for cooked carrots and the occasional taste of a cupcake. Before he got too old, he enjoyed going outside to show us where the wild catnip was growing in the yard. He never needed a leash, as he was not a hunter, nor skittish or fast moving. Always calm and cool. He will be deeply missed as a member in our family and forever in our hearts šŸ§”