Name: Mattie

Date of Passing: 09/18/2023

Message to Mattie: Mattie, you brought endless joy to our lives with your boundless energy and playful spirit. Those sunny afternoons spent tossing a frisbee together are cherished memories that will forever warm our hearts.

Your unwavering attention to box trucks passing by our street was a testament to your vigilant and protective nature. You made us feel safe and loved.

But it was your gentle, loving soul that truly defined you. Your face snuggles will be forever missed by your human dad, and your tender care for your dog brother Jake, cleaning his ears and eyes, showcased your nurturing spirit.

Your long, soft, beautiful ears were a reflection of the beauty within you. They were absolutely the most soft and velvety ears we have ever touched.

You were more than just a pet; you were family. Rescued from the hills of Kentucky and given a second chance 11 years ago, you became a beacon of hope and love in our lives.

As we say goodbye, we hold onto the memories of the gentlest, most loving dog we've ever known. Rest in peace, dear Mattie. You'll forever be in our hearts, running free and chasing frisbees over the rainbow bridge. 🌈🐾❤" We love you forever......Mom, Dad, MacKenzie, Allie, Brooke and Jake.

Tell us about Mattie: I'll forever cherish the day Mattie's mom rescued her and welcomed her into our family. When she first arrived, Mattie leaped out of the car and headed straight for Dad(me). However, her cautious puddle and slow, deliberate army crawl toward me mirrored the initial apprehension she had towards men. It took a couple of days, but we soon formed an unbreakable bond, with a little help from her brother, Jake, of course.

It's worth noting that Mattie was given up by her previous family because she didn't display any frisbee skills. To them, we extend our gratitude, for they unwittingly allowed us to raise one of the most incredible frisbee dogs. While she may not have always had the best recall, her speed and agility were truly remarkable. Mattie was a testament to the idea that sometimes, the most extraordinary qualities lie beneath the surface.