Name: Marky

Date of Passing: 04/13/2024

Message to Marky: Marky was super picky on who he chose to love but when he picked someone, he was completely loyal to them. So much that he would stare at you while you’re sleeping with his big sparkly eyes.

Tell us about Marky: His name was always Marky. I seldom joked that it was short for Marcus III. He didn’t like toys, just his favorite people and food. He loved anything we gave him and he would eat to his hearts content even until his last day. Marky was never really sick his whole life and he was healthy until his arthritis kicked in the last year. I tried my best to give him his legs back by taking him to acupuncture and laser therapy. He was still so strong willed but I could tell he was getting tired so I wanted to give him the rest he deserved.