Maggie Mae

Name: Maggie Mae

Date of Passing: December 23, 2021

Message to Maggie Mae: Maggie Mae, thank you for your sweet love, playful spirit and all the goodness you brought to us. As you know, we did absolutely everything we could for your health and well being, but in the end there was nothing more we could do, sweet girl. We know you are playing with Gabe at Rainbow Bridge waiting for us, and I cannot wait until we are reunited one day. You are so very missed, and at times I still cannot believe you are gone. Every time I see your photos, I smile because you brought me so much joy and love. Lilly Jo misses you tremendously and is glued to my side without you. Run free and play hard with all the angel dogs until we meet again. I love you!

Tell us about Maggie Mae: Maggie Mae was a spunky little girl who loved to play fetch and take walks. She loved being with her sister, Lilly Jo, who was only 5 months older. They were a bonded pair who did everything together. She loved to eat lettuce, carrots, green beans, bananas and pretty much anything she could get her tongue on! She didn't love the special canned food she was prescribed; but because of her Cushings Disease, she was always hungry and would eat anything. At only 6 years old, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Maggie Mae in December 2021. Due to serious health complications caused by Cushings Disease, she had become very sick and oxygen dependent. This happened suddenly and unexpectedly, and we are still grieving this significant loss. She left behind her older sister, Lilly Jo, who is lost without her. We miss the pitter patter of her fluffy feet, her play time with toys, her constant desire for snacks and most of all her love and comfort in our lives.