Name: Maddie

Date of Passing: 01/10/2024

Message to Maddie: We love you and miss you sweet Maddie. You gave us so much love and all of our lives were richer with you in it.

Tell us about Maddie: Maddie was a border collie, beagle, lab mix. We found her as a rescue pup and when we went to the foster home to meet her in person she was with another dog...a one year old pit and lab mix named Bailee. We knew right away we had to take both dogs home as they already had made fast friends after only one day together. Maddie was extremely loyal and always patrolling the house inside and out...on the lookout for anything suspicious. She was very protective and motherly of our 3 young boys from the day we brought her home as a puppy. She had a mischievous side too and would sometimes escape the yard to run around on a nearby golf course or explore the neighborhood but she always came back. She knew exactly what she was doing and just wanted to go on her own adventure. Her beagle nose made for long walks giving her time to smell everything along the way. She always loved being close to and cuddling with her beloved sisters Bailee and then later Stella. And then Maddie even grew to tolerate and love the new puppy in the house, a brother named McKinley. We are heartbroken without Maddie but we know she gave us her best and lived her best life during her 14+ years with us. We are so lucky to have had her in our lives.