Name: Lux

Date of Passing: 05/08/2022

Message to Lux: Lux had many favorite things to do, one thing she loved most was snuggling with her mommas. She was a simple and easy going girl most of the time. The best part of her day is when her momma Kristina would call her up on the couch, lay next to her and they would settle down for the night with many pets and snuggles. They’re bond was one that could never be replaced.

Tell us about Lux: Lux was adopted when she was around nine months old but she could’ve been a little bit older. She had been rescued from a fighting situation where she was most likely used as a bait dog. She soon found the best forever home with her moms. She shared her moms with her sister, Miley, who is a little gray tabby. They may have looked like they just tolerated each other, but their mom‘s found them cuddling every now and then. Lux loved her grandmas farm, exploring and running free in the pastures. For her, that was the best times! She loved long walks in her young days as well - but she was more of a sniffer than a walker. She LOVED her jollyball or any ball really! She was such a spry girl up until her illness.