Name: Luna

Date of Passing: 06/03/2023

Message to Luna: Luna we Love you and will remember you forever! Thank you for being the best girlie ever!

Tell us about Luna: Luna was born in approximately September 2016 in Tennessee. After a rough first few months of her life she was taken in by A Place to Bark Animal Rescue in Tennessee. Bernie Berlin and the staff at A Place to Bark lovingly nursed her back to health and prepared her to move to a loving forever home. Luna was then brought to PAWS Chicago on Clybourn where she was adopted into her forever home by parents Ed and Anna on January 27th, 2019. Luna lived the life of a city girl in Lincoln Park for a year and a half where she went on long walks to the beach, many trips to Petco or other stores who had treats for her, and her dad’s softball games. In summer 2020 Luna, Ed and Anna moved to the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago. Luna then got to enjoy a large backyard, multiple beds throughout the house, a nearby dog park, and frequent visits from her grandparents filled with seemingly endless treats. Luna was always the hungriest girl, never failing to find the smallest crumb or suddenly find the energy to keep moving on a walk when a treat was offered. She also was never afraid to vocalize when she wanted to go lay in her backyard and then let her parents know when she was too hot and wanted to come back inside. Luna was extremely lucky to have a loving mother who stayed at home with her in the last few months of her life, keeping her well cared for as she was battling cancer. Luna was the light of her parents' lives and loved by all who knew her through when she passed on June 2nd, 2023.