Name: Lucky

Date of Passing: 05/10/2023

Message to Lucky: Still missing out sweet little guy. We found him when we first started dating. He traveled with us from apartment to apartment, and eventually a big move from Los Angeles to Chicago. He enjoyed sitting in the warm sun rays, looking at birds, and eating as much as possible. He was the most patient cat. He lived through two toddlers aggressively petting him and pulling his tail, but he never seemed to care. He always wanted to be close to the action and snuggle up whenever possible.

Tell us about Lucky: Lucky found us. I had seen him as a stray wandering around our apartment complex. One morning as I was about to leave for work, I opened the door and this fluffy black cat barrels inside my apartment. I think he had been waiting outside the door waiting for the moment to run in. I don't know why he chose us, but I'm glad he did. He had a collar with a phone number on it, and his name "Lucky." I called the number, but it had been disconnected. I wasn't really sure what to do since I was late to work so I dropped him off at the local shelter thinking if someone was looking for him then he'd be found there. After 10 days nobody had claimed him so we decided that he would be coming home with us. We're so grateful that he found us and we spent 12 wonderful years together.