Name: Lucky

Date of Passing: 11/12/22

Message to Lucky: My baby Lucky. I miss not hearing in the middle of the night your meow as you carried in your mouth a little stuffed squirrel to give me as a present

Tell us about Lucky: Many times when Lucky sat on my lap I would ask him, "Lucky, do you want to hear the story of how I found you?" He would look at me as though saying, "Mom, not again!" I would then begin the story. "It was a hot summer day and your mom had to cut the lawn. As soon as she walked outside she heard a little meow. She ran to the bushes where she heard the meow coming from and saw a tiny black kitten. It was you Lucky! You were so tiny that you fit in my hand. I took you inside and had to give you bottled milk until you could eat regular cat food. Now look at what a handsome boy you are. I named you Lucky because you were so lucky I found you." I would then finish the story by giving him a kiss.