Name: Loudred

Date of Passing: 11/09/22

Message to Loudred: Loudred was a great companion to us all. He was energetic, silly, and a very good boy. He would always love to bump his head against you he wanted attention and stick his little wet nose in you're ear. He was a joy to be around, and he was a great playmate for his brother and for the whole family. May he rest in peace with the other family companions.

Tell us about Loudred: We got him about 11 years ago. Some girls had dropped on a drawer with three kittens in it saying their dad told them to throw the kittens in the dumpster. One of the kittens was adopted and we took the other two. He was named "Loudred" after a pokemon known for being loud, as he would purr and meow far louder than you would expect of a cat of his size. He was called "Loudy" for short, or "Pickle" or "stretchy cat" because of his long body. He loved laying on his belly and stretching his paws and legs behind him, making himself look like a little cat torpedo.