Name: Lola

Date of Passing: 10/21/2022

Message to Lola: My wife and daughter brought Lola home as a puppy to a house filled with children and a load of outside help. Before long, it was just Lola and me and the ‘Great Recession’. I had to take Lola to work with me. We toiled each day well past Sundown. She brought relief and cheer to me and all around me during those very challenging times. When my family returned, Lola kept up her habit of keeping all around her aware of the bigger things in life: family, devotion, togetherness with friends and taking on all challenges as they come. Years passed. Lola became infirm. But, her spirit continues, and indeed, continues on. For these big reasons and countless memories and stories, we will miss Lola and keep her memory close. Thank you to Heidi and the team at A Gentle Goodbye for helping our entire family — including Lola — face the challenge of her passing in a way that fuels more fond memories.

Tell us about Lola: Lola was a well traveled gal. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She loved hiking & loved our family. Playing with other dogs was not exciting for her. She felt like she was the little sister in the family. Cucumber was her favorite treat. She was determined & loyal to us. Fought for her place in the sofa during movie nights & complain when we woke her up from her nap. What a gal!!