Name: Loki Quentin Moeling

Date of Passing: 10/25/2023

Message to Loki: Loki brought a sparkle to our house that we are dearly missing. He was calming to our family just by being present. His love for his family was unconditional, as was our love for him. We miss him so much, and we will love him always. We know he is out of pain, and we are grateful that A Gentle Goodbye helped us all through his tronsition over the rainbow bridge. Run free, little Lu boy. We will love you forever.

Tell us about Loki: We found Loki in a pet store, which I hate. He was scheduled to be euthanized, as he was past his puppyhood -- he was all of six months old. It is such a sick practice. We loved his six-month-old little wriggling body. He was a ray of sushine. He embraced everything with such gusto -- I remember him discovering fall leaves, and chasing first one, then another. His first encounter with snow was totally joyous. He did his zoomies through it bouncing from pile to pile. You couldn't help but smile at his utter delight in the snow. He was the best buddy to my three children -- playing, chasing and interacting with them was his greatest joy, and they loved him back. He was also a shoulder to cry on or a buddy to nap with them at naptime. He was a constant companion of our other dog, Wrigley. They made mischief from sun up to sundown. That mischief was why we named him "Loki" -- the Norse god of mischief. For example, he once swallowed a quarter and a dime. No one knows why. But that 35 cents cost us a grand at the vet to ensure they passed -- we have an X-ray to remember the ordeal by. So his name fit him perfectly. We also give our pets middle names -- his was Quentin, for his father. We knew his mother was named Quella and his father was Quentin, so he became Loki Quentin. Among his greatest joys was a ride in the car -- the longer the better -- and if it involved sticking his nose out the window, so much the better! He took road trips with us across the country that are treasured memories. But even a short hop to Starbucks was so much fun -- his favorite treat was a pup cup. And though he loved the children, he loved me (the mom) best. He was happiest curled up at my feet or on my bed. He was always the first to greet me at the top of the stairs when I came home. He had a toothy grin that everyone loved. He literally smiled. His nemesis was our Christmas train, which encircled the tree. It made music and train tooting noises. His goal in life was to destroy that thing. He never had a particular favorite toy -- he just loved to play with anything that squeaked that we would throw for him to chase. He also loved to go on long, slow walks where we could stop and let him sniff every tree, blade of grass, stick and mailbox. One of our favorite memories is when he and Wrigley came on an excursion with us to Put In Bay, Ohio. They rode the ferry with the wind in their fur, and then explored the no-car island where they even were allowed in the restaurant. Loki came everywhere with us, from softball games to parades, so his absence in our car is palpable and painful. We miss him like crazy, but we are grateful for the time we had with his funny, silly, loving soul.