Name: Lisi

Date of Passing: 05/29/2024

Message to Lisi: A little life, but a big love that will remain in our hearts. Though your time was brief, your pawprints left a lasting impression.

Tell us about Lisi: My cat Lisi was rescued from a hoarder’s home. She was one of 13. Ten of of the 13 were euthanized immediately. So Lisi was one of three that were put up for adoption. She was a stunning kitten. Her Tuxedo coat had a reddish tint in the sunlight and her large eyes were beautiful. She had the sweetist disposition. This cat was polite, gentle, playful and I can even say kind. She was so accepting of Luna, our second cat. But after 2 years, Lisi developed Diabetes that was never fully managed. I was shocked and surprised to find out at the vets office that she was blind. Even while I was determined to care for my pet and live to my promise to be her true caretaker, her care eventually proved too much. Lisi’s quality of life was too degraded. So, only 6.5 years old, Israel Ceballos and I decided to let her go. Today was the day and I shed a tear for this gentle soul.