Name: Lilly "Lilly Bear"

Date of Passing: Nov 15, 2021

Message to Lilly: Goodbye my sweet Lilly Bear. I will hold you in my heart for eternity and beyond. I hope we meet again in another life where we can share a lifetime of adventure together once more.

Tell us about Lilly: A piece of me is now gone and I am broken and in a lot of pain. I know it was the right choice to be made.

Lilly was the best little doggo anybody could ask for. Sweet and as loving as could be. Filled with such personality and spunk. I found her in a pet store while on vacation in Colorado Springs and she was my carry on for the flight home. She slept peacefully all the way home as if she just knew she was saved. She had been at the store for too long and was nearly sent back to the breeder. But the moment I saw her, I looked at her and said "Your name is Lilly, and you're coming home with me!" She was a very active little pup.

She earned the nickname "Snoopy Turbo" for a short while because she would snoop around in the apartment we were living at the time and when you caught her she'd sprint around the place like she was in turbo mode. We lived with sibling pits (Mya & Duke) who were young as well, but Lilly made it very clear to them she was in charge. She came to work with me occasionally on the weekends in her earlier years because I didn't want to leave her at home alone all day. My Coworkers enjoyed her company.

When I went to parties in college, Lilly always came with me and would be laying on my chest in the morning like she was protecting me and waiting for me to wake up so we could go. She was well known at those parties. We made many trips together to MI where my family lived, then to Florida where they moved to. She loved Sun bathing and floating in the pool on the raft. She loved to dig holes in the sand looking for China I assume. She was the winner at all the puppy Easter egg hunts. She was the best little ladybug during Halloween.

She ate as many vegetables you could put in front of her and she was caught many times in the tomato garden chomping on maters. I attribute her age and health to the mass amounts of veggies she consumed. Anytime we had to refill the large food bin, she would follow me into the garage and I'd set the container down, she'd wait till I started pouring food into it and shed take the biggest mouthfuls she could and gobble them up as if she'd never eaten before. There was never a can of tuna that needed to be rinsed out or pan's that needed a good scrub. She took care of them and shared with her siblings of course.

When she went for walks it wasn't to dilly dally, she was walkin! Until she slowed down, then we just went for sniffs instead. Lilly was the best little snuggle bear and she was a daddy's girl all the way. I know it was a lot to read but it helped me writing it. There is so much more I could tell about my sweet Lilly. Like the time she tried hitch hiking in MI, yikes!

I will miss her with all my heart and much, much more. Goodbye my sweet Lilly Bear. I look forward to seeing you running happily through the fields in my dreams. XOXOXO