Name: Leo

Date of Passing: 05/13/2023

Message to Leo: How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.


“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.”

Tell us about Leo: Leo, a handsome Coton Du Tulear was born on 5/28/2007 exactly 30 years to the day of my first dog. His mother, Souffle, was brought over from France and his father, The Admiral, came from Spain. His breeder was very particular about who she would allow to become an owner of her dogs. We had to be interviewed and my son was 8 years old when she allowed us to take Leo when he was 10 weeks old. When we were waiting for him to be born, I told the breeder I knew he would be born on that day and I was right. The universe heard. Leo was always outgoing with everyone, his family, neighbors and other dogs. He did not like it during the pandemic when people were social distancing when they walked their dogs because he wanted to greet everyone and cried if he could not say hello. Leo was so gentle. He would not even hurt an animal that growled at him or tried to bite him, he just moved away. He loved his sister kitten Gabby. when she came home to live with us. He liked to like and groom her ears. He loved to go on walks in the neighborhood and be outside. He was very easy going and all the children wanted to pet him which he allowed without complaint.He even smiled! In his final days, he brought great comfort to my father who was also nearing the end of his life. He allowed my dad to hold him for hours, something he would not tolerate from anyone else. Leo know my dad needed his comfort. Leo left the earth soon 5/13/23 10 days before my father passed away on 5/22/23 leading the way so my dad would have him there waiting for him. His cat sister Gabby passed on 9/6/23.They are now together in peace.