Name: Kobe

Date of Passing: 09/20/2022

Message to Kobe: We miss Kobe dearly, our Grandpa lab mix would've turned 14 on January 9th 2023. I picked up Kobe's ashes today from "A Gentle Goodbye" in Northbrook, Illinois. I cannot express the gratitude I have for A Gentle Goodbye Veterinary Hospice, from the moment I spoke with Kailani over the phone throughout the appointment when Dr. Kristina Kalivoda came to my house was the best of the worst of times. They were amazing.

Tell us about Kobe: Kobe was born in a shelter and lived in a cage until he was originally adopted by a friend of my Son's, who named Kobe after Kobe Bryant. Kobe's given name from the shelter was Oliver. Soon after Kobe was adopted initially, my son was going over to his friends house to walk and care for Kobe because his friend and family were too busy and Kobe remained basically living in a cage. My son said I am taking care of this dog like he's my dog, why isn't he? I was hesitant because I had recently had to put our 10 year old Golden Retriever down but I had to agree with my Son and we asked the family that adopted him and had Kobe for the past 13 years. Kobe had bowed back legs from being kept in a cage the majority of his first year as a pup, the first vet we took him to said he was surprised Kobe was not lame due to the condition of his back legs. Kobe never saw a cage after that, ever. Kobe persevered and would run up and down the stairs like a bullet! Kobe loved walks too, I had a hard time walking him due to his strength and desire to always run, especially in the winter. Kobe was a cold weather dog for sure. Kobe loved chewing through toys, even Kongs! and loved us. We had twin cats, Rocky and Apollo, when we brought Kobe home and he never appreciated them, the cats felt the same, unfortunately. There seemed to be an invisible line in the sand in our home set by Kobe and surprisingly the cats respected him. Even in Kobe's last weeks, when he was to weak to get up, he'd see his leash and weakly bark at me. I would help him get up and walk him even if it was just a few steps. Miss him terribly.