Kitty Kitty

Name: Kitty Kitty

Date of Passing: 07/06/2023

Message to Kitty Kitty: Kitty Kitty, we miss you so much. We miss our garden buddy, you brought us so much joy. You were the most devoted and loving boy, you were the best big brother to our guinea pigs, bearded dragon and kitties. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Tell us about Kitty Kitty: Kitty Kitty came to us as a feral for 5 years until he decided it was ok for us to finally pet him. We soon after were able to get him into the garage and eventually into out home. When Kitty wanted to go outside he would go to the back door to go out, when he wanted in he would look in the window. Kitty Kitty got his name because that's what we called him when he first started coming to us for food. Kitty's favorite thing to do was just hang out in the back yard, he was our garden companion, Kitty would follow us everywhere, he would come when you called him. Kitty also loved to join in on card games when company came over, he would sit at the table as if he were playing! Kitty loved all of the grandchildren, he would get on the floor right in the middle of them as they would open Christmas gifts. Kitty would lay in the guinea pig cage with the guinea pigs as it was an open top cage, he would just jump right in. Kitty also loved watching our bearded dragon run around when we took him out. Kitty's last 2 years were spent being a big brother to a rescue kitten we adopted, his name is Casper and then a few months after we fostered and adopted another cat named Pumpkin. Kitty was at minimum 17 years of age.