Name: Kinzie

Date of Passing: 02/16/2024

Message to Kinzie: You are gone but will never be forgotten. You brought us so much joy and have earned your rest dear girl:

Tell us about Kinzie: Kinzie waited for 10 months at the shelter for the chance to reach out and grab my husband by his shirt sleeve. He was smitten instantly. Even though the rules included no long-haired cats. She ruled the roost with gentle efficiency from that day onwards. If you were working too hard she would park in your lap and make you sit for awhile. If you were sick she lay at your side leaning in gently until she felt you were cured. She regularly assembled a small army of toy mice as her minions carrying them around to wherever their services were required, all while giving them instructions as she carried them in her teeth. She has left a very large hole in our hearts but has earned her rest across the Rainbow Bridge.