Name: Kappy

Date of Passing: 04/14/2023

Message to Kappy: Thank you for being the perfect dog for our family. We will love you forever.

Tell us about Kappy: In 2012 we went to a dog shelter to look at a puppy named “S’mores”. They brought him out and he just stood there. We stared at him, he stared at us. I asked if he could walk. They said yes. We said we’ll take him.

He was the perfect personality knowing he would spend a lot of time with my parents. We named him Kappy after Kapalua, Maui, our favorite place. He became our best friend. He was the best fur brother to our daughter and filled the dog void my dad had.

Right after the new year, Kappy was diagnosed with lymphoma after we found a lump in his neck. We opted against aggressive treatment knowing his prognosis was only 1-2 months. He got slower but did well until this week when we knew it was time. It was the harder than we imagined but peaceful at the same time.