Name: Kapone

Date of Passing: 11/01/2023

Message to Kapone: Before I met you I stopped talking to God. Not in a way that I fully stopped having faith, but in a way that I was angry and just didn't want to listen or look for him in anything. He took things away from me in ways I couldn't fathom or understand. But the snow fell for the first time on 10.31.2023 - and for the first time in a few months you cranked out the front door with your sisters to spastically whip your tail around as the snow perfectly landed on your fur, & you were made of stars in that moment. It was brief because the snow was thick and wet and you just really don't like to be wet. And last night, as we said goodbye for now, I realized why God takes the good ones when he does. As humans, we're meant to feel. But we're also meant to learn and grow from what we feel. You challenged me in so many ways & for some strangers you seemed scary - so we held you a little closer. I learned to set boundaries that would guide you to a happier life. I learned to find a way to make it through the storm when I thought I couldn't because you taught us. I learned responsibility of caring for things that meant so much to me. I'm not sure I've met a more popular dog with a life filled with so much love to those who were granted the privilege to love him so. The ones who loved his spunk for life and his "I'm just happy to be here" attitude. Even if he gave a couple nibbles in between the love. They still showed up. Once we had you, we stopped moving so fast. Life slowed down and our house became a home. It became so full that I honestly didn't know if we had enough space to hold all the love (you all know who you are). The past months since your diagnosis, the house was filled with loved ones we've grown apart from. Past friends and family who just wanted to visit you and give you some extra scratches. People who I honestly didn't think we'd reconnect with (especially in this way) - but it was you we were talking about. So if I'm being honest, I guess I'm not surprised. Gosh, you were such a little terd throughout your life but you did it all with a wag and a pep in your floppy footed step till the very end. I'll miss you forever & until we meet again. I hope you're surrounded by all the loved ones who were so patiently waiting to meet you on the king-sized bed God built for the King himself - Kapone. Save a spot for me.

Tell us about Kapone: Kapone was a rescue from a mutual friend. He came to us with his name + nicknames (for the most part). Kapone, Bone, Bone Boy, Boner, Bonis, Paddle Foot. The nicknames were easy because he was such a fun-loving guy. He was skeptical of new people but somehow I think he knew we were meant for him. He was meant to be a foster until our friend got a place that would accept him. 2 days in to living & loving with him - he was already at the vet, getting treated for his HOD, and started water therapy to help him strengthen his legs, and began training a week later so we could take him on trips like we did his two older shepherd sisters. He was the dog we didn't plan for. The one who literally changed the trajectory of our crazy, chaotic life. But I think we changed his too. He was our "scariest" of the 3 shepherds - but what strangers would never know - is he was the most loving. His tail would whip around at all hours of the day with a smile on his face. If you granted him grace and gentle kindness - he did the same. He really knew how to snuggle. He got 72 tennis balls every Christmas to share with his sisters - but really, they were his. Now they lie strewn underneath our bed, chewed up, de-fuzzed, but still in his hiding spot. I don't plan to move those ever. He loved nerds - which he got rarely. I'll miss his floppy lips resting on our wrists waiting for us to drop him a little treat. His chatting with his pets & the way he sang us the song of his people.