Name: Kali

Date of Passing: 09/23/2022

Message to Kali: Thank you. We love you. You're at peace now. We will see you again.

Tell us about Kali: Kali was the best. She was a part of our family for nineteen years but was twenty-two years old when she passed away. She was a funny, charming, smart, and sensitive soul. Whenever somebody was sad, she would sit on them to comfort them. She would give us kisses by rubbing her nose on our noses. She was incredibly playful and had many toys. Her favorites were her mouse-on-a-string fishing pole, her laser pointer, a silver fish she got one Christmas, and a tiny cork mouse. She loved cardboard boxes and would claim them if they were empty. She would jump inside and play, peeking her little head out of the box and then hiding inside again. Whenever we left the house, we would tell her where we were going and when we would return. She was always waiting for us and would meow when we walked through the door. If she heard a dog barking in our building, she would run up to the door and wait there to protect us, just in case. If she wanted us to pet her, she would tap our arm with her paw until we did. We loved her so, so much. We wish her love and peace as she transitions. She will always live in our hearts.