Name: Kaia

Date of Passing: 05/28/2023

Message to Kaia: Kaia was a gentle old sole. She walked around our street as if she owned the place. Neighbors would call her the mayor. She wasn’t a trained/certified therapy dog, but she comforted many and helped in difficult times. She would bark at our neighbors door daily and visit until time to leave. She would lay in our bed in morning and not get up until she got a good belly rub. Her last week she spend the cool days in front yard had visitation time and friends and neighbors to say goodbye. She was a special dog and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Tell us about Kaia: Kaia loved to swim in pools or lakes. She loved trips to get ice cream. Anytime I cooked Salmon, she would lay by the oven or grill until it was done and put in her bowl. She loved her younger sister who was a rescue. However, Kaia would lay in the yard of the place her sister was adopted from as if to say you can take her back. She was loyal and loving and such a amazing dog.