Name: Jordan

Date of Passing: 07/29/2022

Message to Jordan: Jordan was loved immensely by her family and friends. She was always the center of attention, and if she wasn't she would make herself so. She was very active and intelligent, and although she didn't always listen she was always sweet to those she loved. She lived with me all over the Chicagoland area over the course of 9 years and always loved the snow and sun, and any and all bodies of water she could get her paws on. When we got our cat (M'Max) Jordan was unhappy to be sharing the attention, however she came around over time and was even protective of him at times. She will always be remembered as she was meant to be, a loving and beautiful soul that will never be matched. May she rest well.

Tell us about Jordan: When I adopted Jordan from her previous family they told me about how she was found on an army base in North Carolina by the son of that family. He had kept her for a year before sending her to stay with his parents, who were unable to keep up with her high energy and inevitably led her to me. She never gave up being a wild child or hunting for birds and bunnies, but she was always well cared for and liked the creature comforts of a home.