Name: Jerry

Date of Passing: 09/19/2023

Message to Jerry: Dear Jerry, you were the very best companion anyone could ever ask for. From being right by our side when Heith was sick to when we lost Pat. You choosing her made life here on Washtenaw so complete. You are forever part of our family and the indelible mark you left will be imprinted into perpetuity. We love you, your growls, grunts and wake up calls at 5:30 am. You are truly one of the toughest creatures we have ever met. We will never be the same without you but all the memories we shared over the years made our house a home. We love you always. Tanja, Heith, Charlie and of course Pat. Xoxox

Tell us about Jerry: Jeremy was originally our landlords and best friend Pat Keenan’s cat. She was just absolutely the best. When she passed we immediately knew there was no other home than for him to come live with us. We already knew him as the family pet but we truly felt so bad for him that Pat passed away. They were inseparable and we know Pat would have been relieved knowing we would take care of Jeremy. We shortened his name to Jerry because my German family had an easier time to pronounce Jerry.