Name: Jenna Belle Hermanny

Date of Passing: 03/17/2023

Message to Jenna: Jenna was such a life force in our home. She was quiet, loving, and just an all around good girl. She traveled with us and enjoyed doing anything we did. She loved food!!! She danced from the kitchen to the table every night. She was the sweetest girl and everyone loved her.

Tell us about Jenna: Jenna came from Grundy Center Iowa. She was my first dog and I wanted a small breed and a puppy. Jenna just felt like her name. Our granddaughter, Peyton, wanted us to name her Peyton because she was little at the time and I said we’d name her after her favorite Disney princess, Belle. So Jenna Belle. She loved sitting by the lake, but not swimming. She loved to travel. She didn’t like grooming day. She loved food and was the most food driven dog I have ever met.