Name: Izzy

Date of Passing: 05/18/2023

Message to Izzy: Izzy had an old soul - loving, gentle, devoted and concerned about everyone in the family and neighborhood. When we were excited, she would get excited. When we were sad, she seemed sad. She would dance (“tippy tappy”) at meal times and prance in anticipation of every walk. She would pull to meet every other dog or person or baby stroller, so curious and desirous to connect. She had a an amazing smile, though she didn’t smile all the time, just at the right times. She barked, but only when there was good reason to bark. And she loved food, her family, and friends, all with great abandon. And when it was her time to go, the neighborhood came to her to say goodbye, so mutual was their affection.

Izzy taught us much about what’s really important - how to live with vigor and love, how to adapt through the changes and challenges of aging, and how to die with grace and dignity. We are so grateful to A Gentle Goodbye and Dr Juliana for her empathy and kindness in this process. Through Dr. Juliana’s exceptional care, expertise, and love, Izzy found peace…and we did too.

Tell us about Izzy: Because she was a mixed breed, and we didn’t know too much about her background, my 7 year old son named her Izzy…because “she just Iz what she Iz…and that’s makes her Izzy.