Name: Huey

Date of Passing: 12/10/2022

Message to Huey: Huey was honestly one of the best dogs ever. He was definitely a family member and is missed so much already.

Tell us about Huey: We rescued Huey in 2010 when he was 3 months old. He was on his way to a kill shelter when a wonderful foster lady said that she would take him in temporarily. We found him by looking on rescue sites. It was love at first sight. When we got to her house and he came running out to us we could not resist and were officially head over heels in love with him. We kept his name as it was because it was very fitting for him. Any place that we took Huey, everyone loved him. We didn't travel much with him because he got car sick but we always went on long walks and would sit by the lake by my house. As he got older he was just so chill and relaxed and just loved everyone. The hardest day of my life was when I realized just how sick he was and that we had to make that decision for him. The day of his passing he had the best day ever. So many people showed up to say goodbye to him and brought him McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries which was absolute favorite food. My sons and I each gave him a Hershey's "kiss goodbye" because he deserved to know what chocolate tasted like before he passed on...and guess what he loved All of the pictures we took the day of his passing he was smiling, it was amazing. His passing was so peaceful and quick which was definite reassurance for me that he was just so weak and he was ready. He is missed so much and the house is so quiet without him here but I can definitely feel that he is still around watching and I know that he is in doggy heaven and he is running and playing and having so much fun and I am sure everyone already loves him up there.